Hyplon Consulting

Protecting customers data, safeguarding company reputations

Empower your business to become cyber safe

There are businesses that will be hacked, and businesses that will be hacked again

Any individual or business using the internet is a potential target

Current Cyber Security Trends

People who trust an email with familiar branding
Organisations without cyber security governance
Security breaches caused by phishing attacks

Why you need to invest in Information Security now

Cyber attacks are increasingly frequent and sophisticated, and technology is constantly evolving at a high pace

Information security is equally about people, processes and technology, and is an investment in your business future, giving you peace of mind that you know your cyber risks, and have the necessary security controls in place to be cyber resilient when a cyber attack does occur.

Compliance Obligations

Being cyber compliant is essential to protect data, meet legal obligations, maintain trust and mitigate the risk of cyber threats.

Safeguarding Sensitive Data

Safeguarding sensitive data is crucial to prevent unauthorised access, protect privacy and maintain the integrity and trust of customers.

Customer Confidence

Customer confidence in cyber security is vital because it entrusts, safeguards personal data and fosters long term relationships between a business and their clientele.

Our Capabilities

effective and easy-to-understand solutions to protect your business, employees and customer's data

Risk Assessment and Remediation

Identification of cyber risks and provision of mitigation plans.

GRC Staff Augmentation

GRC Consultants available on a short-term basis.

Online Cyber Safety Training

Access to cyber safety training programs and resources.

Cyber GRC Documentation

Editable and ready-to-use GRC document templates.

Why us?

Our team members are trusted information security professionals from diverse backgrounds

People focused

We consider people first when approaching information security as more than 90% of cyber attacks are caused by human error.

Affordable and Straightforward

Our solutions suit organisations of all sizes and levels of technical expertise to start on or progress along their information security journey.

Building Cyber Resilience

Cyber attacks cannot be completely prevented so we prepare our clients to respond to and recover from incidents.

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